Owners Kevin Perez, Dan Ouverson and Ryan O’Leary have a wealth of collective experience in the Iowa City restaurant scene.  Perez and Ouverson are also co-owners of Stella and Short’s.  We feature burgers similar to those at Short’s, though with different names.  All of our burgers are named after Iowa City streets in this southwest side neighborhood.  Our meat comes from Ed Smith’s farm in Columbus Junction, and is processed at Bud’s, in Riverside.  Along with burgers and sandwiches, we feature hot dogs, appetizers, soups & salads and decidedly adult macaroni and cheese.  The menu’s focus is on made-from-scratch and local food.  Our Rueben, for instance, is made in-house.  We cook the brisket, here.

To reach us:  Call the restaurant at 319.499.1058 or email us at info@hudsonstap.com